Why can't the MBTA maintain anything? & Pigeons

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Re: Why can't the MBTA maintain anything? & Pigeons

Postby Disney Guy » Wed Apr 02, 2014 8:48 am

An issue that touches lots of bases including the rusty Kenmore walls:

The High Cost Of Scrubbing.

Until someone can be found to wield that rag on the Hynes columns first, it is not worthwhile to engage the painters. So that project keeps getting put off.

Some years ago I was painting my house and it seemed as I spent a lot more time moving the ladder compared with actually painting, if you want to take a hint.


(picture above) Stalactites on the Tufts ceiling (outbound side) resulting from years of water leakage. There are the noticeable remains of stalagmites on the floor underneath squashed down by foot traffic but still requiring a lot of scrubbing to get

(left) Ice stalagmite/stalactite on a cable in Tufts. (right) Ice stalagmite in median at Tufts. Water leaks in fast enough to form these in a few days during cold weather spells.
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