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Re: Late Night Service Discussion

Postby jamesinclair » Fri Mar 18, 2016 9:02 am

CRail wrote:The article says nothing more about the ridership demographics, only that the T is going to complete the analysis that they skipped before.

You clearly didnt read the article or my post.

For the third time:

54 percent of late-night bus riders are minorities, and 64 percent are low-income.

CRail wrote:Charlie cards and 7 day passes don't contain income and ethnicity data on them, so "just riding it" and observing the ridership is exactly what you've got to do to see who's there.

That couldnt be more wrong. You would NEVER, EVER do a study where things like race and income are done based of stereotyping.

Riders are handed a simple survey with 5-10 key demographic questions. That is how it is done, period.
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Re: Late Night Service Discussion

Postby leviramsey » Fri Mar 18, 2016 9:49 am

BandA wrote:
leviramsey wrote:
BandA wrote:Boston is about 75% black/hispanic

For 2014:

White non-Hispanic: 45.6%
Black non-Hispanic: 22.3%
Hispanic (of any race): 18.6% (breaks down as about 7.4% White Hispanic, 2.2% Black Hispanic, 0.2% Native American Hispanic, 0.1% Asian Hispanic, 6.2% Other Hispanic, 2.6% Multiple race Hispanic)
Asian non-Hispanic: 9.7%
Multiple races, non-Hispanic: 2.2%
Other race non-Hispanic: 1.4%
American Indian/Alaskan Native non-Hispanic: 0.2%

So, Boston is 38.7% black/hispanic
OOPS. I guess I was reading about the Boston public school population (approximately) rather than the general population. My bad.

I'd definitely buy that stat about BPS. A large proportion of the white population is a) empty-nesters or b) students, and of those that aren't, private schools are fairly prevalent.
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