ex-NH/PC 8600 Series Coaches

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Re: ex-NH/PC 8600 Series Coaches

Postby Gerry6309 » Thu Aug 27, 2015 3:40 pm

talltim wrote:
Abe Froman wrote:
NH2060 wrote:How many of the P-S cars were transferred over to the MBTA and when/on which lines were the last of the coaches retired? AFAIK a number of them were sent to the North Station lines in the early 1980s and rolled out their final miles on Ipswich/Rockport trains (for those cars that weren't later picked up by the Cape Cod & Hyannis).

From Thomas Humphrey and Skip Clark's book, "BOSTON'S COMMUTER RAIL The First 150 Years", Pp. 100 the following cars from the 8600 series were on the MBTA roster as of July 1, 1984: 8601;8603; 8604; 8613; 8620; 8624; 8646; 8648; 8658; 8687; 8694; 8701.

Does anyone know how these numbers mapped to the MBTA 2500 series numbers?

They didn't the 2500 renumberings were done by PC, never finished. The MBTA got cars in both series.

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