Own a Piece of the T (former wall panels from Copley)

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Own a Piece of the T (former wall panels from Copley)

Postby Rbts Stn » Fri May 03, 2013 9:41 am

Channel 2 Auction is open for business (pretty much all online nowadays, I miss the Quickie Board), and one of the items up for bid is called" 3 Vintage MBTA Station Panels.

Here's a link: http://auction.wgbh.org/Bidding.taf?_fu ... id1=194776

3 panels from before the recent Copley reconstruction

An example:


Worth $500 each, according to the donor, mbtagifts.com
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Re: Own a Piece of the T (former wall panels from Copley)

Postby 3rdrail » Fri May 03, 2013 1:10 pm

Although I'm not surprised that those pieces are selling at those prices, I think that they are overpriced as that is about the cost of an O of S sign. The reason being is that they are generic and unless you had paid perfectly good attention - they don't scream "Copley Station". If you're a Copley fanatic fine, but it's unlikely that you would get even half that price if you decided to re-sell at a train show or Ebay.
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