Copley Square Explosion 4/15/13

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Re: Copley Square Explosion 4/15/13

Postby jaymac » Wed Apr 24, 2013 2:44 pm

To echo Paul's statements, at every level, from command to ground-pounders, the execution and professionalism were exemplary. The interagency and interdepartmental cooperation that the BAPERN system only hinted at those decades ago has actually happened.
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Re: Copley Square Explosion 4/15/13

Postby TPR37777 » Wed Apr 24, 2013 4:45 pm

3rdrail wrote:That whole operation was a masterpiece. It's amazing that there weren't far more police and civilian casualties. Every officer on scene participated as one and their was a classy scene that I have not seen in print up until this report that I'd like to tell you about. Boston Police Superintendent Billy Evans, Lieutenant Paul O'Connor, and Lieutenant Bobby Merner responded to the boat initially, determining that the suspect was hiding in the boat. There was an exchange of gunfire. The Super wisely backed off his men and called for assistance at which time the FBI SWAT team took over on the ground. At the time that the suspect gave up, when it was time to handcuff him, Superintendent Evans called out for a Transit Police officer to do the actual hand-cuffing. This is traditional when a suspect is arrested in any police officer shooting that a victim's own police department cuffs the suspect upon capture. At this time, the scene was quite busy and emotions high. It would have been easy for Evans or even the FBI to cuff this guy and go down as such, but Evans made sure that TPD had the honor. Both Superintendent Evans and Lieutenant O'Connor are long time friends of mine, having met in the 1-82 Police Academy Class at the Boston Police Academy.

Masterpiece? Are you for real? The officers that initially engaged the brothers in Watertown showed true heroism, which the Boston police commissioner proceeded to slam by questioning the Watertown sergeant's decision to tackle the elder brother. The search that followed, however, was an utter failure and a disgrace to the profession. For 16 hours suspect 2 hid in a boat that was only 16 houses away from the stolen car that he had abandoned on Spruce Street. Look it up on a map, barely a block and a half away. You say they responded to the boat and determined that the suspect was inside? The resident called 911 and reported that the suspect was hiding in his boat, he had found blood on its side, a hole in the cover, and actually observed the suspect inside. It hardly required a determination. The search perimeter should have reflected the distance that the suspect had time to cover before it was established. 1 block, really? Even if one were to be so idiotic, after 8 hours of searching the same small area the perimeter should have been expanded, searched, and then expanded again. The resources were there to literally do a line search shoulder-to-shoulder of the entire city of Watertown. The largest manhunt in law enforcement history failed to find a terrorist hiding static in a boat 16 houses away from the place-last-seen, and you actually referred to it as a masterpiece? It could just as easily have been two little kids climbing on that boat that found that suspect, with tragic consequences. It is embarrassing to see these different agencies slapping themselves on the back for "arresting" the suspect, with about five different versions having been presented so far. Who commanded this search effort, and why didn't they listen to the officers who were on scene when they arrived asking for a perimeter to be established on Mount Auburn Street, Arsenal Street, and Arlington Street? How can anyone with a straight face stand in front of the cameras and say he was found just outside the perimeter, when in fact he was well within the initial perimeter? How can anyone explain why all of Lincoln Street and all of Franklin Street were not searched thoroughly when thousands of officers were present and 16 hours had passed? I am sorry but this was a boondoggle, marred by egos and territorialism. There were most assuredly personnel present who had the knowledge and experience to execute this search, but they were simply brushed aside by superior officers that lacked both.
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Re: Copley Square Explosion 4/15/13

Postby 3rdrail » Wed Apr 24, 2013 5:32 pm

I'm not even going to bother responding to this troubled individual - just feel sorry for him. :-)
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Re: Copley Square Explosion 4/15/13

Postby wicked » Wed Apr 24, 2013 8:15 pm

TPR's concerns aside ... I am amazed at the level of interagency cooperation. I sense that doesn't happen as much here as it does elsewhere in the country. Watertown letting BPD run the crime scene?
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Re: Copley Square Explosion 4/15/13

Postby ACeInTheHole » Wed Apr 24, 2013 8:43 pm

It's ridiculously easy to play Monday night quarterback ain't it TPR? Okay then, at the time, how we're they supposed to know he was only a block away from the car? Do you think people would approve of police officers randomly showing up and just searching their property without a warrant? At least they did get him, be happy for that.
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Re: Copley Square Explosion 4/15/13

Postby sery2831 » Wed Apr 24, 2013 8:44 pm

I think it's time to end this... Copley Square has reopened... Things are returning to normal. Police discussions are off topic at the board.
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