Compiling Cambridge/Somerville MBTA history on a LocalWiki

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Compiling Cambridge/Somerville MBTA history on a LocalWiki

Postby ewmurphy » Thu Sep 20, 2012 2:21 pm

Hi all,
Long-time lurker of the forum here. I wanted to gauge interest in a wiki about MBTA /rail history in the Cambridge/Somerville area. I created a local wiki for the area a few weeks ago, and I'm trying to build up content around subjects I'm interested in and I realized that a lot of transit-related topics I would be want to create for content is stuff I've read from contributors here, or that you guys all have better knowledge of anyway.

Would folks be willing to contribute to something like that?

It's in early stages now, and for what it's worth, the site already exists (but I don't want to go posting the URL here, I figure that's in poor taste) but there is little content yet. It's a wiki obviously, so without contributors its pretty much useless.

I would imagine it would augment a forum-based site like this, since it would be a crowd-sourced information and could house media and maps. As such, is this post considered against the forum rules? Again, I'm a long time lurker of the forum, so I mean no disrespect, but I figured this a good way to reach out to this subset of the Railroad forums readership (aka other folks interested in the MBTA).

I'm happy to provide the URL to the wiki as needed. If yall are ok with me just providing it here, I'm down with that, but I didn't want to step on any toes! Any questions / comments / feedback are very welcome.


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