House Rep Commstock of VA submits WMATA funding/reform bill

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House Rep Commstock of VA submits WMATA funding/reform bill

Postby STrRedWolf » Sat Dec 09, 2017 8:58 pm ... ion-limits

In short, the goods:
  • Reauthorizes PRIIA funding, at $150M/year.
  • Adds $75M/year in capital programs until 2029, with equal match from DC/VA/MD

...but with the following conditions:

  • Replace the current WMATA board with a temporary 5-person reform board, with power to cancel contracts and liabilities to get it fiscally sound. 1 from DC/MD/VA/Feds, one appointed in by the others, but all must have transit experience, and have a "fiduciary responsibility" to WMATA. No elected officials. No more jurisdictional veto.
  • Cannot grow the operating budget nor steal from the capital budget to supplement the operating budget.
  • Strike ban continues.
  • Can't pay workers more than 120% of regular pay as overtime, or offer more than time-and-a-half.
  • Any labor agreement cannot stop outsourcing, contracting, limiting part-time employees,.
  • Management would have broad powers to fire, reassign, or demote.
  • Current pension is still fixed payment, but calculated from regular salary (no overtime allowed). Newer/future employees go into a 401k-like plan.
  • Reform-to-permament board migration has limitations.
  • Arbitration will be limited in consideration and awards, and must give preference to WMATA's financial projections.
  • Whistleblowers have enhanced protections against retaliation.
  • Adds a ton more paperwork.
  • Adds a reform commission which puts the governors, the DC mayor, the USDOT secretary, the WMATA GM, and someone from the National Academy of Public Administration in the hotseat.
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