Metro is looking to dump 2k/3k/6k trains early

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Re: Metro is looking to dump 2k/3k/6k trains early

Postby D40LF » Thu Dec 14, 2017 10:53 pm

If they do choose to retire other cars early, I think that the oldest Breda rehabs ought to go first. The mdbf on those cars is lower than it is on the 6ks (despite their mechanical similarities), and the body shells are older anyway.

Chris Brown wrote:I wonder why they are getting rid of 6k's. I thought WMATA planned to eventually overhaul the 6k cars at mid-life.

Do you think they will use the 8k order to replace everything left and send the 6k's into early retirement? Makes me wonder if all of the fleet (except for the 7k's) have similar safety issues that were found with the 1k's and WMATA wants to get rid of them all before another crash happens.....

I could definitely see them using the 8k order to replace the 6ks as well (it might make more sense to have 2 types of cars). The Breda rehabs (2k and 3k) have the same structural issue as the 1ks (the 5ks, 6ks, and 7ks are better according to the NTSB). I doubt this the reason for for dumping cars early though.
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Re: Metro is looking to dump 2k/3k/6k trains early

Postby YOLO » Fri Dec 15, 2017 12:19 am

Chris Brown wrote:Hmm.. maybe its more a case of Kawasaki giving WMATA the middle finger rather than WMATA having issues with Kawasaki. And that would not surprise me at all.

Would be very telling if they decide to pick up the final 220 car option and Kawaski doesn't bid for the 8000 series order
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