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Re: The East Side Access Project Discussion (ESA)

Postby F-line to Dudley via Park » Wed Jul 20, 2016 9:21 am

EuroStar wrote:
Head-end View wrote:So there were engineering reasons why the LIRR tunnel couldn't be any higher; I get it. But today it seems ludicrous that they won't be able to ever run bi-level trains thru it like the older East River Tunnels. And it limits LIRR's Grand Central Line forever and ever to single level cars. A real shame.

On the bright side, this will force them to electrify any place that wants direct service to the new terminal. It *might* speed up electrification to Yaplank or Speonk.

Exactly. Port Jeff + Central Branch electrification were always part of the pan-ESA goals. ESA becoming an infinitely delayed boondoggle and add-a-track + crossing eliminations getting bogged down in NIMBY clownshow are the only reasons why those electrifications aren't front-burner. Demand surge vs. layover capacity would then ultimately force the issue on extension east to Zone 8 for siting larger layovers. Thus, a "Final System Plan" where the Scoots are the only diesels.

It'll happen, but like anything ESA adjust your timetables 1.5 decades ahead at minimum.
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Re: The East Side Access Project Discussion (ESA)

Postby bellstbarn » Tue Aug 09, 2016 4:48 pm

We are now on the 42nd page of this ESA thread, and I am having difficulty finding a diagram that I once saw on a link on this board or on site.
I am talking about the diagram of how the LIRR passengers arriving at Grand Central Terminal will get up to the street. It seems that there is a bank of long escalators to get to a LIRR concourse beneath the current GCT, but I forget how the crowds are dispersed to neighboring streets. Are there any provisions for a northern exit from the two levels of LIRR platforms?
I feel sure that a MTA brochure (reproduced on the website) showed these exit routes, but I have been unable to find the diagram again, either using the search engine or the search on or on Google.
Many thanks if you can help!
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Re: The East Side Access Project Discussion (ESA)

Postby SwingMan » Tue Aug 09, 2016 5:35 pm

Yes, there will be at least one northern entrance for LIRR customers.
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Re: The East Side Access Project Discussion (ESA)

Postby adamj023 » Sat Oct 08, 2016 1:46 pm

The East side access project should have been done on time and on budget with a different set of contractors. Now the East side access is a neverending project and likely will be delayed even further.

Such a waste of tax dollars including the forced MBTA taxation on Nassau County residents who don't even live in NYC.
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Re: The East Side Access Project Discussion (ESA)

Postby MNCRR9000 » Sat Oct 08, 2016 3:26 pm

Latest update from the Long Island Rail Road Committee Meeting 9/26/2016

MTA Capital Construction President, Dr. Michael Horodniceanu reported progress on the
East Side Access (ESA) Project.
In Manhattan, the GCT Concourse and Facilities Fit-Out (CM014B) contractor has
placed approximately 55% of the structural concrete floor slab and MT A Capital Construction
expects the contractor to complete the remaining portion by December. The contractor has
placed the concrete escalator pits and walls at the dining concourse and the ramp fonnwork is
underway for placement of a new ramp from platform J to the concourse. The forecasted
completion date of the entire contract is trending late by approximately six months due to the
contractor's late submission of structural steel shop drawings. The construction manager has put
the contractor on notice of the delay and requested that that the contractor submit a recovery
Master Page # 7 of 155 - Long Island Rail Road Committee Meeting 9/26/2016
Meeting Minutes
LI Committee July 25, 2016
The North Structures (CM006) contract has a Substantial Completion date of June 2017
and the contractor is progressing on schedule. The contractor completed the east upper level
wall and is currently working on the west upper level wall.
In Queens, the Plaza Substation and Queens Structures (CQ032) contract has a
Substantial Completion date of September 6, 2016. A modification for water proofing at the
Plaza Interlocking Structure may affect the Substantial Completion date. The Harold Structures -
Part 3 (CH057) contractor has completed drilling for approximately 60% of the piles for the
Secant Box Structure. The Harold Structures - Part 3A (CH057 A) contractor commenced tunnel
shield mining of the Westbound Bypass Tunnel and had completed approximately 28 of the 620
feet of tunneling as ofJuly 15.
The Systems Package 1 - Facilities Systems (CS 179) contractor is installing electrical
conduits and mechanical equipment in eight facilities as well as tunnel lighting and cables in the
Queens tunnels. The Systems Package 4 - Traction Power (CS084) contractor has completed
construction of the new Con Edison L3 service. The service, which will power the Harold signal
huts, is waiting on Con Edison energization.
MT A Capital construction has committed approximately $8. 7 billion to contracts and has
approximately $1.5 billion remaining to commit. Of the $8.7 billion committed, approximately
75% has been expended.

Still showing a revenue service date of December 2022 total cost of 10.8 billion. ... 0_LIRR.pdf
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Re: The East Side Access Project Discussion (ESA)

Postby Dump The Air » Tue Nov 29, 2016 11:07 pm

MNCRR9000 wrote:Still showing a revenue service date of December 2022 total cost of 10.8 billion.

Dump The Air
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Re: The East Side Access Project Discussion (ESA)

Postby Ðauntless » Tue Nov 29, 2016 11:09 pm

I think the numbers are reversed. That should be 2202, and 80.1 billion....
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Re: The East Side Access Project Discussion (ESA)

Postby SRich » Sun Dec 04, 2016 4:10 pm

:-D :-D
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Re: The East Side Access Project Discussion (ESA)

Postby lpetrich » Sun Jan 01, 2017 10:11 pm

MTA | Capital Programs East Side Access | Project Documents is now up Q3 2016 of its quarterly reports.

PDF page 12 (document page 9) gives a summary of the statuses of the contracts. There are 13 contracts being actively worked on, along the length of the line, with 7 more to start work on. They include one Manhattan contract, no non-Harold Queens contracts, and 6 Harold-Interlocking contracts. So it looks like Harold will be the big bottleneck.
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Re: The East Side Access Project Discussion (ESA)

Postby nyandw » Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:19 pm

1998 LIRR Grand Central Connection Brochure: Anyone with this item to post or a link? Thank you.
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Re: The East Side Access Project Discussion (ESA)

Postby Jeff Smith » Wed Mar 15, 2017 2:16 pm

I was trolling the capital dashboard on the MTA site today, and came up with some tidbits:

Sunnyside Station: Construction Start and End January 2021 - December 2022. $76.5m ... 2&PLTYPE=1

Cab Simulator: $4,281,753 due March 2019 ... 4&PLTYPE=3

Rolling Stock: $7.5m protect locomotives design, manufacture, test, deliver by Dec 2022 ... 4&PLTYPE=3

Rolling Stock: $194.5m Project provides for a portion of the funds for the purchase of rail cars needed to support Long Island Rail Road services to Grand Central Terminal, pending completion of a fleet procurement strategy. Due 12/22 ... 8&PLTYPE=3
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