GC-Mitchell Field Secondary going bye bye???

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Postby NIMBYkiller » Thu Apr 01, 2004 11:33 pm

I actually recently saw that. I still think though that a heavy rail system would be the best for it. It can share the LIRR tracks between CLP and HTC for HTC access.

I don't really like their idea of using LRT or BRT(hell, anything but heavy rail really doesn't make sense to me).

Also, the idea of serving RFM directly is pretty good, but it'd be a lot cheaper to just run the trains via the spur and provide a shuttle bus stopping at multiple points at the mall and the bus terminal rather than the 2 stops they propose. Hell, it could run from RFM, up Zeckendorf to Old Country, then back down via East Gate, then to RFM again, like a loop. Really would give the RFM stop a boost in possible use.

Also, here is something you will rarely here from me:

There can NOT be a grade crossing at Old Country Rd on the line to Mineola. The road is just far too congested for even me to think a grade crossing would be ok. I say sink the line between Mineola and just south of old country rd.
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