Intra-island rail service proposal

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Intra-island rail service proposal

Postby NIMBYkiller » Fri May 28, 2004 8:08 pm

Here's an idea for 2 intra-island rail systems(only some new stops and a select few others are listed):

Far Rock-Valley Stream-WH-CLP-Stewart Av-Mineola-Wheatly Hills-Mill Neck-OB

Far Rock-Valley Stream-Fport-Babylon-Islip-NYIT-Central Islip-KO-Mac Arthur Airport

Glen Cove Ferry Terminal-Glen St-Wheatly Hills-Mineola-Stewart Av-Clinton Rd-Quentin Roosevelt Blvd-Mitchell Field-Hofstra-Nassau Collesium-EAB Plaza-Mariott-NCC-Selfridge Av-Quentin Roosevelt BLVD-Clinton Rd-Stewart Av-Mineola-Wheatly Hills-Glen St-Glen Cove Ferry Terminal

Laurelton-Green Acres Mall-Valley Stream-WH-CLP-Stewart Av-Mineola-Westbury-Hicksville-Huntington

Hempstead-CLP-Clinton Rd-Quentin Roosevelt Blvd-Roosevelt Field Mall-Zeckendorf Blvd-The Source-Merrick Av-Westbury-Hicksville-Huntington-Northport

Hempstead-CLP-Clinton Rd-Quentin Roosevelt Blvd-Selfridge Av-Eisenhower Park-Newbridge Rd-Plainedge-Bethpage JCT-Farmingdale-Central Islip-KO-Mac Arthur Airport

Mineola-Westbury-Hicksville-Bethpage JCT-South Farmingdale-Babylon-Islip-PD

Stewart Av-located north of where Mineola-CLP-WH ROW crosses Stewart Av in Garden City

East End service:

Huntington-PJ-Wading River-Riverhead-Greenport

Mac Arthur Airport-KO-Manorville-Eastport-Quogue-LIU Southampton-Water Mill-Bridgehampton-Sag Harbor

Greenport-Riverhead-Manorville-Eastport-Center Moriches-PD-Islip-Babylon

Greenport-Riverhead-Manorville-Eatport-Quogue-LIU Sothampton-Water Mill-Bridgehamton-Wainscott-Montauk

Bsaically, trains would run as 2 or 3 car DMU sets(most likely Colorado Railcar).
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Postby NIMBYkiller » Fri May 28, 2004 8:57 pm

Oh, forgot to add this. The Northport station would NOT be the current one, but rather the old one on that old spur.
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hee hee

Postby badneighbor » Fri May 28, 2004 10:30 pm

while your at it... reopen the Pilgrim State Spur...and check in. We cant even get this friggen government to upgrade the current system to add the third set of main line rails, upgrade the freight branches, or open the cross harbor tunnel.

I think the upgrade of freight service, to allow taller, longer cars, (double stacks, auto carriers) to reach a lucrative market here on Long Island, and provide some kind of tax breaks to businesses who use rail freight.

It would do more for traffic to get the endless truck traffic off the LIE, than to put in a light rail system to get a couple hundred people to the mall.

Postby JoeLIRR » Sat May 29, 2004 10:34 pm

So true about the LI freight potential.

But VS - OB was an origional connection. And the ROW is still mostly intact.

Far rock-mott st. A train, then the RB branch to Woodside.

Air train. (waist of money)

I may be wrong but the Marjority of people using the Air train will land in NYP any how.

keep the ideas flowing NIMBYkiler. ummmm only if i knew how to make the full LIRR icluding abandon ROW in MSTS, then u can try your ideas out.

Postby NIMBYkiller » Sat May 29, 2004 10:40 pm

First of all, who the hell ever said light rail? Not me. It's commuter rail for intra-island travel. Yeah, freight is very important, but so is passenger service. Either way, the goal is to get more vehicles(cars, trucks, etc) off the roads. These new rail lines will carry passengers, and some of the new track will serve as alternate routing for freight trains, allowing for more options on how to run a more efficient freight service.

Hey Joe, maybe we could get a bunch of people together to make the LIRR with those rail lines as well(Also, add in some Colorado Railcar equipment, as that's what would probably be used for this). Hehe.

Oh, here's my website for the transit service. It's got one or 2 other routes in there as well.
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