GE 25 tonners

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GE 25 tonners

Postby MADDOG » Mon Jul 09, 2018 4:11 pm

HI Folks
maybe some of you former LIRR folks can help me set the record straight.
In John Scala's book "Diesels of the Sunrise Trail", he only shows #398 & #399, NO #397.
I have been finding conflicting information regarding either the Construction Numbers or Serial Numbers of these 3 units.
The reason for this is that recently a GE manual for the GS1 "allegedly" from the LIRR was auctioned on EBAY and was donated to to Oyster Bay RR Museum.
Th front cover shows s/n #'s 33030 and 33373.
What we know is that
Oyster Bay RR Museum (OBRM) has #398/397 and the RR Museum of LI (RMLI) has #399.
According to Scala and every other source
#398 s/n #33303 was built for the LIRR
#399 s/n #33375 was built for the LIRR

Since this GE Manual shows both #33030 and we know it is #398, then s/n #33373 should be #397, which means it should have been built for the LIRR.
My research shows that (#397) s/n 33373 was not built for the LIRR but for the Lone Star Cement company yet other sources show it being built for the National Lead Company as
s/n #32628, yet it was built in 8/58 like #399.
I have gooten help for Dave Keller, Steve Lynch and Dave Morrison but now I am more confused with all the conflicting information. Can someone shed any more light on this subject?
Thank you
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Re: GE 25 tonners

Postby kro52 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:59 am

The 397 was purchased in the 1980's from LILCO in Island Park. The 398,399 were purchased new in 1958.
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Re: GE 25 tonners

Postby nyandw » Thu Jul 12, 2018 10:00 pm

Morris Park #397 Sightings 1987-1989 MADDOG: Was it built in 8/58 like #399, as #398 was built 5/1958 serial #33030. (Perhaps the issue?) I have: #397 Built: 3/1956 serial #32628 for: Natl. Lead Co. of NJ
LIRR_L397_Diner_081289Al Castelli_MPark.jpg
LIRR #L397 at Diner 8/12/89
Photo: Al Castelli
LIRR #397 10/31/87 Photo: Kevin Gulau
Yard Goat.jpg
Photo of #397 at Morris Park #397 10/87 Photo: Steve Rothaug
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