Hicksville (Divide Interlocking) Signals

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Hicksville (Divide Interlocking) Signals

Postby Head-end View » Wed Jul 04, 2018 7:38 pm

Re: the two-headed position-light signal on Hicksville Station Track-3 (Mainline-2) at the east end of the platform. Used to be this signal displayed a medium-clear to PJ Branch trains and a clear aspect to main-line trains heading to Ronkonkoma/Points East.

There seems to have been a change recently. Ronkonkoma bound trains now only seem to get an "approach-medium" as the best signal there even though the next signal to the east will be displaying "clear". Does anyone know the reason for the apparent change? Is it part of the implementation of PTC and/or is the signal now being used to enforce the 40mph speed limit thru Hicksville Station?
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