New Schedules from Feb 26, 2018

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New Schedules from Feb 26, 2018

Postby berlintransit » Fri Feb 16, 2018 7:00 pm

The new branch timetables valid from Feb 26 indicate an important change for Montauk Branch passengers:
Train 2742 is no longer a shuttle from Babylon with a timed connection from NYP, but will run directly from Penn Station to Speonk as a second PM Peak Dual Mode.
Train 164, the EMU which made the connection at Babylon so far, will cease to operate. Departure will remain 6.27 PM from NYP and all other times also seem to remain the same.

The equipment that forms 2778 (LIC - PD) and 2777 (PD - BAB) - a 5 car train according to the LIRR Ridership book - currently seems to turn onto #2742 back to Speonk in Babylon, then finally return to Jamaica as 2747. With the new timetable in effect, I guess that the 5 car set would have to return to Jamaica dead-head from Babylon after the #2777 run. Meanwhile, the 2nd Dual Mode set would fulfill the 2742 - 2747 rotation and thus also be back in Jamaica around 11 PM.
I would conclude the bespoke Dual Mode train (or an exchange set, may the original one go into maintenance) then returns to Speonk in the early morning as another equipment run to form #2733 or #2737, as is happening today, from what I have read here or elsewhere.

I think it is a commendable yet long overdue step that the inconsistency in the timetable of having two AM peak Dual Modes and only one in the reverse direction during PM rush is now being lifted, offering a couple more passengers a one seat ride and making better use of the DM locos. I hope that this is to remain and not something temporary related to Amtrak works at Penn Station or the tie replacement works between Patchogue and Montauk. A lot of empty running though. Couldn't the train swaps for maintenance purposes be undertaken while the trains are at the West end of the system anyways, 5 days of the week, in between the peaks? Well, I guess not, otherwise they could just be doing that.)

#8703 and #8706 have unchanged times on the East End although their meet at Southampton around 12.08 PM is now controlled. That's what I was looking up when I noticed the above.
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Re: New Schedules from Feb 26, 2018

Postby Amtrak7 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 2:50 am

The second dual mode in the morning normally comes as equipment from Jamaica; that will no longer operate and will just turn from 2742 the night before. 2777 will go to the yard in Babylon and turn for 2782, avoiding what is normally an equipment move from Speonk. The train that would've made said equipment move will turn for 2747.

I'm concerned about overcrowding - 164 is 12 cars is very crowded, 8 C3's have less capacity than 12 M7's.

I'm also curious what happens in May - the second DM set normally becomes the Cannonball. Now another set will need to be made for that freed up by the MARC lease?
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Re: New Schedules from Feb 26, 2018

Postby berlintransit » Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:15 am

Hey Amtrak7,

thank you for the details.

Based on the ridership book data, I was assuming there was only one planned 5 car train on the system, making the following weekday rotation:
# 602 JAM 2:09 - 3:33 PtJeff (AM)
# 609 PtJeff 6:18 - 8:07 LIC (AM)
#2778 LIC 4:28 - 6:14 PD (PM)
#2777 PD 6:30 - 7:03 BAB
#2742 BAB 7:27 - 8:27 SPK
#2747 SPK 9:07 - 10:47 JAM (PM)

With the new schedules and your information, this set would wait in BAB after #2777, then make #2782 to PD, #2781 back to BAB and then #2730 to SPK where it would stay overnight. It could therefore not form the #602 and #609 the same night. The set you spoke of that will now form #2747 SPK 9.07 PM - JAM should be a 4 car train only (#2772 JAM 3.06 PM - PD, empty to BAB, #2738 BAB - SPK 6.10 PM).

I considered a couple of options how to sort this out, can you possibly say which one the LIRR has chosen?
* form a second 5 car set so all trains can still be operated with at least the desired number of cars
* make the 5 car set's PM run start with #2772 from JAM 3.06 PM so it returns with #2747 in time for #602 and take the formerly used 4 car train for #2778 - #2777 - #2782 - #2781 - #2730
* make #602 and #609 4 cars and instead have a 5 car train on #2735 or # 2739
or something completely different?
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Re: New Schedules from Feb 26, 2018

Postby RestrictOnTheHanger » Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:29 am

When i used to ride 609, it would have standees with only 4 cars. At one point it was 7 cars, then cut to 6 sometime around 5 years ago. I guess it was further cut to 5 cars after I stopped using the RR
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