Train Order Lights - Mast mounted

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Train Order Lights - Mast mounted

Postby nyandw » Mon May 29, 2017 9:44 pm

Are these 3 photos of mast mounted lights; Train Order Signals,as the usual was to mount them left/right of the position light head (two bottom photos)?:

Glendale 1955
Hicksville 1954
Riverhead 1953

Mastic 1970
BK Tower Stony Brook 1972
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Re: Train Order Lights - Mast mounted

Postby krispy » Tue May 30, 2017 5:43 am

The first one and the Riverhead pic the bulb on the mast was not for train orders but rather to display various signal indications. The first one has a plate with a letter and number, which makes it a automatic signal and the bottom bulb is to display a "stop and proceed", "clear block", etc. I'm guessing the Riverhead one the bottom bulb would be for a 'clear block' signal. If the agent/opr wanted to give out paperwork he would've stuck a yellow metal pennant in the square hole. Some towers such as Nassau and Hall had those square holes by the windows when I started, but the flags were long gone. Hall had a bank of three in a row with an odd plug which I guess was to plug in a light for night operation. I'm guessing the bulb on the Hicksville signal mast was also for signal indication and the ops would've had something by the tower to indicate train orders. The MS and BK block signals had both signals for when the operator was on duty, and then block limit signals for when he wasn't (listed in timetable).

The usual practice is to mount the train order "banner" to the side of the signal but in some places where space is at a premium or on a pedestal signal it maybe mounted beneath the signal. But the banner would be a flashing red light, and the signal lights (in the past, not now) would've been the usual lunar yellow color.
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