Two of my "road trip" buddies are gone.

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Two of my "road trip" buddies are gone.

Postby RGlueck » Sun Mar 26, 2017 8:12 am

I received the PRRT&HS's magazine, "The Keystone" yesterday, and only then found that not only Ron Ziel had passed, but also Jim Guthrie, both listed under the "End Markers" column.

While its probably not critical notice to the rest of you, back around 1966 or 67, Ron, Jim, and I, piled into a car and headed for Maryland and Pennsylvania, to chase George Hart's ex-CPR 1286 & 1238, then again to chase the ex-CPR 972 and his little Reading shop switcher. The trip was fun, with us eating cheapo, hand-size pies, drinking orange juice from quart containers, setting up for photo shoots, then running to a new location and repeating the whole deal. Jim and I would do vocal impressions of annoying railfan types, Ron driving. These were hectic, exhausting trips, and about as much fun as a teenage train geek could possibly have. I had no ulcers, Ron had a full head of hair, Jim was smoking these irritating little cigars, making interesting comments and observations.

I just wanted to recognize these guys, and recall the moment. So long, Ron; so long, Jim. I hope you're both where the I1sa Decapods drag coal trains up "the Curve". and K4's barrel through Carle Place at speed. I'm glad I knew you both.

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Re: Two of my "road trip" buddies are gone.

Postby Bad Luck » Sun Mar 26, 2017 1:30 pm

It's truly upsetting how quickly time passes and how losing close ones never gets any easier. Great anecdotes, Dick - thanks.
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