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LIRR Slang Phrases

Postby nyandw » Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:14 pm UPDATED

"OK, kid, get on the hack, and back the hogger down." [Get on the caboose, and back the engineer into track 3] Make sure the iron is thrown for 3 [make sure the switches are lined for 3], you should have a clear alley [3 track should be empty]. Put the entire drag into 3 [put the entire train into 3], and when the hoggers clear, tie 'em down and pin a head. [when the engineer has stopped in the clear on his end, put the handbrakes on and go home]

"Nothing made the old timers cringe more then calling a "Hack" a caboose." I remember when I first hired on, there was a hack on main line # 4 at Hillside, as we went by on mainline 2. I called Queens on the radio to ask if a freight was working, or if the hack somehow separated from the back of a freight. I made the mistake of saying "caboose" on the radio. Man, I heard it for days... "It's a HACK, not a caboose."

I suppose as the old timers retire, and there are less people who actually worked freights with "hacks" this will be another tradition gone by the wayside. (Hey, that was a RR term, too. ) Thanks for letting me "Let off steam"

"6 behind 2" An 8 car train with the head 2 cars closed to the public and the 6 cars behind are open to the public .. hence 6 behind 2..

"Pullman Hitch" A coupling of cars wherein the knuckles of the couplers are close enough just to drop the pins and the coupling is complete without disturbing passengers in the cars, etc.
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