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Re: My LIRR Website Update November 2016

Postby jhdeasy » Sun Dec 04, 2016 4:44 pm

The update contains three photos from the LIRR 160th Anniversary special train taken during the layover at Greenport on July 23, 1994.

One of the photos shows two people shaking hands, posed by the observation platform of the private car CANNON BALL, while the car's owner (Dr. James Stillman MD) stands on the observation platform looking over their shoulders. The men shaking hands may be a LIRR official and a crew member; can anyone here identify them?

The late Dr Jim Stillman had a summer house in Westhampton Beach, so his private car was stored at Sunnyside Yard during the spring-summer-fall, and at the Amtrak/SP station in San Antonio TX during the winter. He allowed the LIRR to use his car for their 160th anniversary special train.

I see that a video of the day's events was produced and is still available for sale online. Looks like locomotives 266 and 259 coupled back to back were the power for that train.

While doing some further searching online, I found a NY Times article published 11/27/1994 that describes another 1994 excursion on LIRR:

"Yes, there are people who find the L.I.R.R. as exciting as Disney World, and they were on Long Island this month attending a convention of the National Railway Historic Society.

Instead of choosing a hotel by the beach or by shops, the society chose a hotel near the Ronkonkoma railroad station. More than 200 rail buffs journeyed to it to celebrate the L.I.R.R.'s 160th anniversary. "One guy flew in from England," Mr. Boland said. It's not as if he could take a train. Even those that can, don't always. The Long Island chapter of the Railway Society has 300 members. "Only three of us," Mr. Boland acknowledged, "take the train to work."

So even for Long Islanders, the L.I.R.R. trip was a highlight of the convention, especially since the train left on time. "We had five parlor cars and one bar car," Mr. Boland said. "First we went to the Hillside facility for a tour." Then they went to Long Island City for a photo opportunity. "The backdrop was good," he said, "so everyone got off the train and took pictures of the engine, the tracks and the skyline. Then we went down to Long Beach and posed the train on a bridge." The engineer let everybody off, drove the train onto the bridge where the buffs took pictures, then backed up the train to pick up the passengers."

Since the NRHS 1994 national convention was in Atlanta GA, I'll assume this special event was something sponsored by the Long Island Sunrise Trail chapter of NRHS. Does anyone here have any photos of this (Ronkonkoma - Hillside - LIC - Long Beach - ??? - Ronkonkoma) excursion they could contribute to Steve's website?
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Re: My LIRR Website Update November 2016

Postby nyandw » Sun Dec 04, 2016 10:44 pm 1994
LIRR 160th Anniversary special train taken during the layover at Greenport on July 23, 1994 info.
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