Fall Foliage 2016

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Re: Fall Foliage 2016

Postby nyandw » Fri Nov 18, 2016 9:45 pm

Frankie: Thanks for sharing! :wink:

Here's more info on the Sandite: http://www.trainsarefun.com/lirr/lirrmow.htm#Alcohol%20Cars
Sandite is a sticky, slimy goo stuff. These are a set of cars that were converted with large tanks inside. They're used during the fall/winter. The cars drop the sandite on the railhead and it helps with traction. Alcohol is used on the 3rd rail to prevent freeze ups. A pair of these cars are out in KO, the one above, W85 and a P72. Both haven't been used in awhile. Now there are M1s used in place that have been converted. #2907 and #2909 are alcohol cars.
Info: Paul Strubeck Photo: Mario Craig
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