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Postby Tadman » Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:07 pm

Looks like they're looking for cars to cover the expansion projects. Here's the real shocker: Sumitomo is not involved, after 35 years of building cars for the South Shore, their launch customer in the USA. I know there was a fiasco with the Amtrak project and Rochelle shut down, but Rochelle wasn't there for the 1982 order, either, and those cars are still going strong. ... 7.amp.html

This will be interesting, as Kawasaki is making noise about leaving the US market, leaving CRRC, BBD, and Rotem, plus figure on Siemens having an interest. I've been on CRRC electric cars in Argentina, they're not bad as an occasional passenger but they don't have the best quality rep with the locals. BBD is on a roll with the M9 and hungry for work. Rotem seems to want anything they can get, although nobody seems to be happy with them. Siemens seems to have a sterling track record the last few years. Amtrak is very happy with the new Chargers (when has Amtrak ever been very happy with new rolling stock?).

Also worth noting, the MR90 fleet in Montreal is 20 years old but fairly gently used and up for retirement in a year or so. It would require a complete overhaul due to age and propulsion differences, but there is an entire fleet and that might be the best bet with regard to cost.
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Postby eolesen » Fri Dec 07, 2018 12:54 am

Is Rochelle fully wound down?
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