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Re: eBART groundbreaking

Postby lpetrich » Wed Apr 20, 2016 10:19 pm

Neither Google Maps nor Bing Maps is very up-to-date here, as far as I can tell. So I checked on TerraServer - Aerial Photos & Satellite Images - The Leader In Online Imagery.

It had images near Pittsburg-BayPoint from Feb 29, 2016, and I was able to follow the line eastward from there to Antioch. Most of the right-of-way seemed close to ready for tracks, if not ready for tracks. Some parts of it seemed to already have tracks in it, but it was hard to tell from Terraserver's freebie-images resolution. The Antioch station is a freeway-median station with an island platform, and the tracks continue a bit eastward, going northeastward underneath SR-4's northside lanes. At the end was a shop building and some yard tracks. SR-4's northside and southside lanes also approached each other about there.
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Re: eBART groundbreaking

Postby lpetrich » Fri Jul 01, 2016 11:45 am

Local pols get sneak peek at eBART train - San Jose Mercury News, also BART unveils new train for upcoming service to Antioch | bart.gov

From the first article,
With higher ceilings and larger windows, the Swiss-made cars have an airier feel to them than conventional BART models and come with overhead luggage racks.

The vehicles are also slightly narrower and, at 132 feet, longer than their 70-foot cousins.

Each can accommodate up to 200 passengers, with 104 seats and space for 96 people standing. That's about twice the capacity of traditional BART vehicles, which can hold around 110 riders.

This part of BART's system will have 8 of these DMU's.

They are now thinking of starting service in May 2018, though it could start earlier, in winter 2017.

Bringing eBART to East County is a $525 million undertaking, but still less than half the estimated $1.25 billion that it would have cost to extend conventional BART train service, Keller said.

The line will be 10.1 miles long.
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Re: eBART groundbreaking

Postby lpetrich » Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:42 pm

Its project page now links to these videos:
eBart Transfer Platform Animation - YouTube
Pittsburg Center Animation - YouTube
Antioch Station Walkthrough Animation - YouTube
The Pittsburg and Antioch stations look much like BART's other freeway-median stations, and they use BART's faregates for access.

Checking on Google Maps I find that BART continues as double track east of the existing Bay Point station, with a scissors crossover, two tracks that can hold 10-car trains, and merging at the north side of the median. There is indeed a transfer platform, with BART proper on the north side and eBart on the south side. The BART track splits in two and eBART stays single-track, then the two BART tracks end and the eBART track splits.

Soon after, I hit a seam in BART's coverage, where Google uses somewhat older pictures with less construction apparent in them. Bing Maps is a bit more up-to-date there, but not much. I tried Terraserver, and it was more pleasant than last time, even if rather odd. It shows some out-of-date pictures by default, with an option to select pictures at some dates. The most recent one for the Pittsburg and Antioch stations was November 16, 2016. Selecting that version shows it with "PRODUCT PREVIEW' all over it. But at that date, the Pittsburg and Antioch stations looked like they were largely done.
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Re: eBART groundbreaking

Postby lensovet » Tue Feb 21, 2017 2:39 am

neat! kind of forgot that this is still a thing
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