On the EMD 567,645,an 710 fork and blade rod

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On the EMD 567,645,an 710 fork and blade rod

Postby Owen S. Paulsen » Fri May 30, 2014 11:37 am

Which is a has start first a head (At Oil pump,Gov in) which is a left an a fork or blade rod.
The opposite will a right fork or blade rod.

I can't find a info.

Also a EMD 567,645,an 710 engine at is turn a front (Oil pump,Gov in ) ccw an the flywheel it turn cw.
The engine in re reverse (some the a engine the Gov etc) at will in a Tug, an Ocean Tug.

Do's the fork an blade rod if left and right hand lead to which one correct on reverse an standard.

Owen S. Paulsen
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Re: On the EMD 567,645,an 710 fork and blade rod

Postby RickRackstop » Fri May 30, 2014 4:47 pm

The standard (locomotive) engines turns CCW while looking at the fly wheel and the blade rods are on the right bank and the fork rods are on the left. CW engines have the rods the other way around. In general only marine engines are "handed" with CW (left hand rotating) and CCW (right hand rotating) models.This requires different accessory drive covers with the scavenging oil pump mounted upside down on the right hand engine. The marine turbos all have a provision for an extra idler gear so it minimizes the number of turbo parts. Except for the camshafts, idler gear for the turbo, water pump housings and the accessory cover are the only parts not common to both engines.
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