FT to GP9 Trade / Rebuild Program

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FT to GP9 Trade / Rebuild Program

Postby Engineer Spike » Tue Feb 12, 2013 12:39 pm

Several lines traded in FTs on newer power, such as GP9s. I have been on several of B&M's GP9s which came from FT trades. These have 1750hp. I know GN had some rated at 1350hp. M&StL also had some with less than stock rating.

My question is did the railroad have options on the content of reused parts? I have heard that the GN units used either the lower rated main gen. or maybe an older version of 567 prime mover.
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Re: FT to GP9 Trade / Rebuild Program

Postby Allen Hazen » Wed Feb 13, 2013 2:38 am

I ***think*** that later, 1750 hp, GP-9 built on FT trade-ins used little of the original machinery: truck frames may have been re-used, but not engines or generators or traction motors. Building 1350 hp units after the mid-1940s was unusual: I believe the AT&SF had some 1350 hp "GP-7M" locomotives (with what look more like GP-9 carbodies) that were rebuilt from wrecked FT units: they may have re-used more of the original working parts.

I think a number of 1950s "modified" locomotives with lower-than-expected power ratings (AT&SF E8M built with ??? E1 ??? trade-ins, various 600 hp SW-8 built with Winton-engined switcher trade-ins) had new engines -- engines built to the new designs -- that were de-rated in deference to the limit capacities of the re-cycled electrical components.

But don't bet large sums of money on this: my ideas are impressions derived from reading less than scholarly sources years ago.
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