Moffat and Glenwood Subs (Traffic Report)

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Moffat and Glenwood Subs (Traffic Report)

Postby Johnusnsd » Mon May 15, 2017 8:34 pm

Just spent the last 2 days enjoying the scenery on #5 and #6 from Denver to Grand Jct (out and back), and the freight traffic (daylight) was depressing. On Sunday, during my #5 trip, there was no one stashed in any sidings waiting for us to pass, with the exception of one coal load (with mid train helpers and one end unit helper)....that was it (not sure if anything slipped in behind us after we left Denver.

Today (Monday), prior to boarding #6 to return to Denver, I did catch a NB coal unit coming up out of the North Fork Sub (with mid-unit helpers and one on the end), and saw a WB manifest, just before #6 arrived at Grand Jct. From Grand Jct to the North Yard, saw nothing.....once we arrived at the North Yard, there was a huge manifest waiting for us to pass, with 5 on the head-end, 2 mid and 1 end.

I am well aware of the downturn in coal and other rail traffic, but to see such dismal daylight traffic, it's just unfortunate.

On a bright note....Weather was perfect and the scenery was unreal as usual. And, there was a DRGW engine "playhouse" in a backyard, around 61st St, coming in on #6 today...that I had never seen before....pretty impressive paint job...lucky kid...

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