UP's Gas Turbine Electrics Locomotives

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UP's Gas Turbine Electrics Locomotives

Postby SRich » Mon Dec 07, 2015 4:53 am

The UP is restoring a big boy, wil there be a chance that UP wil restore one of the two remaining GTEL's(X-18 or X-26) ?

I want to see them in operating mode with my own eyes... :-D
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Re: UP's Gas Turbine Electrics Locomotives

Postby jaygee » Wed Jan 27, 2016 8:00 am

Well now, that would be really something if that ever happens! The caretakers at IRM have indicated that their care for No. 18 is more "preservation" than "restoration". While No. 18 is far more complete than No. 26, it would take a monumental amount of dough to put her back together. She's missing ten traction motors for starts, and while the pony motor can be barred over, the Turbine itself is almost completely unknown. The rear end has been exposed to the elements for a loooong time now. I suspect that to really do up No. 18 correctly, it will require both U.P. AND G.E. technical and financial support. No 26 is far more gutted out, so she'd be needing new everything! This could be an actual blessing in disguise, as newer components could be had for a LOT less $$$ than original stuff from the 1950s - '60s. A whole new electrical system would need to be installed, and this could be achieved with state of the art components....much as what was done with U.P.s E9 locomotives some years back. Good news: The Turbine plant will run just fine on Diesel fuel.....bad news: Turbines are real fuel hogs ! I will guarantee you this, if either of these machines is ever fired up again...you'll forget all about the other excursion power you've ever seen !
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