Need info on spur in Phoenix near Chase Field

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Need info on spur in Phoenix near Chase Field

Postby carajul » Tue May 13, 2014 1:59 pm

Anyone know what the spur in Phoenix was. It left on a wye track (still in place) just across the mainline from Chase Field. I'm assuming at one time it was very important for the wye like that. It went due south and cross Buchanan St, Lincoln St, and the tracks are now torn out just past Grant St but you can clearly see the row and it looks like it continued with more spurs into factories/warehouses all the way down under I-17 continuing south to University Dr. All these warehouses look fairly new. I'm wondering why the line and all these spurs were ripped out.

There is also an ancient iron crossbuck in the parking lot of the Road Machinary business on 7th St.

Any info on what this line was and why it and all the spurs are ripped out?

*** Just an update *** looked at the historic arials of Phoenix. Looks like that spur served a large rock quarry that was near the end of the line in 1958. Those warehouses were built in 1970 spurs put into them. Line still looked in place in 2004. I'm guessing the line was initially built for the rock/sand quarry and in 'modern' times its use changed for the warehouses but they never really used rail service.
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