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Re: Utica Branch Discussion Thread

Postby JoeCollege » Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:59 pm

johnpbarlow wrote:
JoeCollege wrote:
lvrr325 wrote:I'm somewhat surprised they're not running a handful of cars down to Binghamton themselves, although with the engine facility gone there's no need to move power in and out anymore.

I'd think some customers in Utica would have demanded as much, maybe seeking competitive rates from NS connection rather than go CSX to Syracuse and down. And there was speculation that maybe CSX changes would eliminate Utica interchange. Neither seems to have happened, and NYSW has shown little interest from what I can tell in capturing any traffic south of Sangerfield- the old Baillie's traffic that was transloaded at Sherburne now goes container on trucks to Jersey or DeWitt from what I heard.

Is the CSX-NYSW car exchange at Utica an interchange between the two RRs or does NYSW have haulage rights over CSX between Syracuse and Utica? Much earlier in this lengthy thread, someone said CSX-NYSW interchange was at Syracuse and prior to the 2006 embargo of the Utica line, CSX traffic for NYSW customers at Utica was routed Syracuse-Binghamton-Utica. So if Syracuse-Utica via CSX is a haulage agreement, NYSW's Utica customers could theoretically negotiate a Utica-Syracuse-Binghamton to/from NS shipping arrangement today without using the Utica branch.

My understanding is that Utica is an interchange point only.
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Re: Utica Branch Discussion Thread

Postby lvrr325 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 1:07 am

It is correct that part of the changes after making Syracuse an interchange was all interchange was done there, and they did make some kind of haulage agreement after the line went out of service. The last trip the F45 made was on one of those trains, I happened to see it one night at a crossing in Oneida. What is current on that, no idea.

I want to say that after the move to Syracuse, Conrail made some changes in Utica including eliminating a remote interlocking and the connection to the NYS&W became a hand throw.

But my thought is being able to go to Binghamton opens up interchange for the traffic to go to NS. Even if it can still go there when going haulage rights to Syracuse, I would think it would save at least a day and some expense. And it makes NYS&W look better to run even an occasional train on the line.
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Re: Utica Branch Discussion Thread

Postby ut-1 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 5:30 pm

This is Operation Lifesaver's nationwide "Rail Safety Week." NYS&W and the Utica PD teamed-up today to further te goals of this noble program.

Here's a link to a one-minute video showing No. 3040 heading through South Utica with two officers up front:


Also, a few photos.
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