Unit hopper train Atlanta?

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Unit hopper train Atlanta?

Postby MattW » Mon Dec 01, 2014 7:11 pm

I've noticed something on NS at Atlanta. I ride MARTA to the Lenox station every weekday now which takes me past the Amour yard. These days it doesn't seem to support anything but an old CWR train that's probably rusted fast to the rails by now, but one consistent oddity I've noticed is a unit covered hopper train parked on what's known as "the old steel spur" this line is used to store the Crescent any time it's truncated to Atlanta (as it soon will be). The train is a solid consist of white covered hoppers, easily 50-70 cars long usually with 3 road units (GEVOs or SD70s) with 2 being a rarer count. I'm just curious what this train is and why it's parked where it is all day long since it's not a loading/unloading area. It's there in the morning around 7:45, and still there when I go back by around 5 so I'm pretty sure it runs overnight, at a guess to/from somewhere north of Atlanta.
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