PAR employee loses arm

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Re: PAR employee loses arm

Postby Zeke » Sun Jul 30, 2017 3:12 am

Sorry I forgot this thread was about the poor fellow that lost his arm. This is sad to hear and is a reminder to all of us the
RR is a dangerous environment. To shed some light on this subject many many years ago had a good friend of mine riding a 30 car cut on a setoff saw a mis aligned switch at night and tried to reach over with his foot and kick the angle cock over to dump the train and stop. He lost his footing and his left arm was severed above the elbow. He survived, got a settlement from the railroad in the six figure range and offered if he wanted it, a yardmaster job. He took it and retired about three years ago at the age of 68. From bad things good things can come along. He always said he was just happy he was alive.
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