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Re: Brightline to Jacksonville

Postby chaz » Tue Sep 06, 2016 10:51 am

An obvious part of the Brightline business plan is to take advantage of the FEC right of way, to connect the business centers along the east coast, with comfortable, upscale, high speed, passenger service. Jacksonville easily qualifies. I don't know if St Augustine and Daytona Beach would qualify for stops. I imagine that 95 south of Jacksonville can get very busy, but I observe that a 6-lane, toll road next to 95...does not it does in the South. I'm sure there are lots of good reasons for stops in St Augustine and Daytona Beach. I'm just saying, they are not in the same business class as Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.

P. Michael Rieninger, President of Brightline, commented that Brightline could adapt their business plan to operate on foreign tracks...specifically to Tampa...but not right away.
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Re: Brightline to Jacksonville

Postby electricron » Tue Sep 06, 2016 1:38 pm

Relative population of Florida metros:
Miami - Dade County = 2,496,436
Fort Lauderdale - Broward County = 1,898,425
West Palm Beach - Palm Beach County = 1,320,134
Orlando - Orange County = 1,145,956
Jacksonville - Duval County = 864,263
Daytona Beach - Volusia County = 494,593
St. Augustine - St. John's County = 190,039

And looking west of Orlando...........
Tampa - Hillsborough County = 1,229,226
St. Petersburg - Pinellas County = 916,542

If Brightline doesn't wish to lay tracks west to Tampa Bay's 2 million souls, I don't see them new laying tracks to Jacksonville. But they already have tracks in a corridor they own, so Jacksonville is a good possibility for future growth. But I don't believe 200,000 souls warrant train stations for this express train service, and 500,000 may not be enough. ;)
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Re: Brightline to Jacksonville

Postby Bonevalleyrailfan » Sat Sep 10, 2016 1:47 pm

Also don't forget Polk County in between Orlando and Tampa had around 1,000,000 residents mostly near I4.

The FDOT 2006 Passenger Rail Vision Plan has interesting total trip numbers between the regions of Florida. On page 3 you can see how much greater the number of trips made between Tampa Bay and Orlando/S Florida are compared to Jacksonville to Orlando/S Florida. 20.5M versus 6.5M trips.

This is why I have always thought Tampa will be the next place AAF expandstation to. Here is a link to the plan: ... BB3n2359aQ
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Re: Brightline to Jacksonville

Postby Noel Weaver » Sun Sep 11, 2016 12:28 pm

At this point the main objective of Brightline is Miami - Orlando. Jacksonville will probably follow. As far as Tampa and area is concerned, Florida East Coast does NOT own anything on the other coast and Tampa is very, very unlikely at least for a long time. I won't say never but most of us will not live to see anything in Tampa. Part of the picture with the coming service out of Miami/Fort Lauderdale and West Palm is REAL ESTATE of which the FEC owns a huge chunk. They are paying taxes on their huge chunk of property and to put it to some very productive use makes a huge amount of sense. They might not turn much profit on the passenger trains but they stand to turn a huge profit on the very valuable property that they own along their railroad. Other railroad lines exist between Tampa and the rest of Florida and maybe sometime in the future our "do nothing" state government will get their behinds in motion and decide that rail passenger service after all is a very good alternative to jammed highways and expensive airport expansion. Tampa might happen way down the road but for the time being we will have to be satisfied with the existing Amtrak service which covers a fair share of the state even if not very frequently.
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Re: Brightline to Jacksonville

Postby Gilbert B Norman » Sun Sep 11, 2016 1:38 pm

A very interesting analogy, Mr. Weaver.

Henry built the FEC to bring vacationers to undeveloped Florida, and to the resorts he developed. Now his latter day descendants (not necessarily Saints), will take the same playbook and deliver business people to the developments that they have in play about the train stations. If you are from out of town, just fly into McCoy (MCO), and AAF will take you right to the basement of, or at worst, X the street. No transfers from PBI, FLL, or MIA.

Maybe, I will be eating that hat after all; that X'd my mind after I walked by the bakery area a few days ago of this "quite upscale" food emporium a mile from my house - and where my Little Red Lex, "is allowed", but must accept to be surrounded by Bimmers, Bennies, Mas'es, and Rovers.
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