Improvements to allow for doublestack trains in Philly

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Re: Improvements to allow for doublestack trains in Philly

Postby ekt8750 » Thu Nov 19, 2015 3:55 pm

ChrisE wrote:
Concerning railroad options, besides CSX Greenwich Yard, Philly actually is served by two NS terminals. The more well-known one would be Morrisville Yard, northeast of the city. However, NS also has Mustin Intermodal Terminal, adjacent to Greenwich Yard at the port. It was established on the former location of the Mustin Air Field, which served the Philadelphia Naval Yard. A labor dispute let the yard idle for a long time, but it has begun to see some service; I saw pictures of a stack train being unloaded there from a year ago.

Didn't realize that NS finally got the intermodal yard in S. Philadelphia going. That's some pretty good news.

I live next to the CSX Trenton Line. I'll occasionally see a double stack train go by, usually later in the day. I couldn't tell you what train marks though (still fairly new at this). What I've noticed is these past few years I haven't really seen any TOFC on the Trenton Line. Not that there was much to begin with, but every now and then I'd see some TOFC go by headed north.

Not many in the corridor actually. Just one train each way per day and anything else gets slapped onto the Juice Train.
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