SD40 4617 still painted C&O... until NOW

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Re: SD40 4617 still painted C&O... until NOW

Postby lvrr325 » Mon Jul 06, 2009 6:50 am

I don't know why anyone would complain about the repaint - technically the unit's been restored to it's original scheme, just lettered a little differently. Well and the yellow nose isn't original, but what the heck.
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Re: SD40 4617 still painted C&O... until NOW

Postby Jtgshu » Mon Jul 06, 2009 6:15 pm

Im trying to read what is on the pilot about the FRA waiver - from what I can make out, the unit is restricted to either yard or trailing service, and can't lead out on the main I guess - I think it says maximum 9 inch endplate.

Im surprised they even repainted it, and didn't retire it - a straight SD40 still running 40 plus years on a class 1 is pretty rare these days! especially with the slowdown recently.

Even thought it was repainted which is a shame, it does look great! The loco looks like it just came from the factory, and it looks like they even painted the INSIDE of the cab as well! She hasn't looked that good in 40 plus years! haha
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Re: SD40 4617 still painted C&O... until NOW

Postby Leo_Ames » Mon Sep 19, 2016 10:24 pm

The #4617 has been donated to the C&O Historical Society in Clifton Forge.

Short of perhaps N&W/NS SD40 #1580 rejoining the Norfolk Southern roster for a time before it's donated, this officially ends the reign of unrebuilt SD40's on Class 1's, doesn't it?

NS/SOU #3170 has operated more recently than this one that I believe has been stored for a while now, but the #3170 of course was already retired and donated into preservation a few months back.

Of course, a fair number of Dash 2 and Dash 3 conversions remain, although even most of those have been scattered down to regionals and the like as they standardize their remaining SD40-2's and get rid of the oddballs
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