Were there any attempts to save GP7U #1682?

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Were there any attempts to save GP7U #1682?

Postby Leo_Ames » Sun Apr 29, 2012 1:51 am

Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo GP7 #71 was destroyed over three decades ago which was the first locomotive constructed by GMD. The second locomotive was TH&B #72 which years later became CPR #1682. Was still in service in recent times and was called upon several times over the years to attend celebrations at the London plant due to her status. Naively, I thought her future was pretty safe due to things like attending the 50th anniversary celebration at London and never gave it much thought since such actions demonstrated some awareness of her status.

But she's part of their GP22Eco program and has been traded in for removal of her running gear and scrapping the rest of the unit (Not even the frames are being reused in this program). So clearly I assumed wrong.

Out of curiousity, were any attempts made in recent years to secure preservation of this unit upon retirement or try to rescue it after it became known she'd be part of this program? Too bad she won't be resting in London in retirement to honor over 60 years of locomotive construction that is now coming to a close.
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