Why did CP stop putting the 'gold beaver' on motive power?

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Why did CP stop putting the 'gold beaver' on motive power?

Postby Jmusolf » Mon Sep 02, 2013 10:03 pm

Just something I've always wondered and maybe some of you who work for CPR could answer for me. Why did CP stop using the 'golden beaver' emblem decal on their motive power?

Why do I ask? A little story might explain. I always liked going up to the Twin Cities as a kid from where I lived in Mankato, MN and see all the 'foreign' railroads there since there wasn't much rail action in Mankato. We'd drive up for some railfanning every once in a while and usually chose to railfan at St. Paul. The Twin Cities seemed so huge then, especially by Hoffman Ave. My favorite part of our trips was seeing CP AC4400CW's. The bright red paint and the gold beaver emblem on the side really added a lot of class to the Canadian Pacific's livery. Without the emblem all of CP's new power looks really dull. I noticed over the last 8 years or so they stopped adding the decal to new locomotives and I'd like to know why that is.
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Re: Why did CP stop putting the 'gold beaver' on motive powe

Postby Tadman » Sun Sep 08, 2013 8:30 am

Probably a cost issue. I still think the new red look (new as of 1998 or so) looks great and is holding up well. The multimark look faded (or was rarely repainted). I'm curious if EHH makes any changes, although there's not many costs to cut in painting, now. Red dip is about as simple as possible.
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Re: Why did CP stop putting the 'gold beaver' on motive powe

Postby Engineer Spike » Wed Sep 11, 2013 10:56 am

There was a notice out when the first order of ES44ACs arrived, explaining the differences from the AC4400. It said that the redesigned hood left no room for the beaver logo. It doesn't seem totally logical, as they could have used smaller lettering font. Now they likely want a standard image. I recently had an AC44 sans beaver.
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