Prairie Region symbols

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Prairie Region symbols

Postby delvalrailfan » Sun May 20, 2018 6:29 pm

E201 Toronto ON-Vancouver BC
E202 Vancouver BC-Toronto ON
M300 Winnipeg MB-Toronto ON
M301 Toronto ON-Vancouver BC
M302 Vancouver BC-Toronto ON
M311 Winnipeg MB-Vancouver BC
M312 Prince George BC-Winnipeg MB
M313 Toronto ON-Edmonton AB
M314 Edmonton AB-Toronto ON
M315 Winnipeg MB-Edmonton AB
M316 Winnipeg MB-Toronto ON
M317 Toronto ON-Winnipeg MB
M340 Winnipeg MB-Homewood IL
M341 Homewood IL-Winnipeg MB
M342 Prince George BC-Memphis TN
M343 Memphis TN-Winnipeg MB
M344 Winnipeg MB-Superior WI
M345 Superior WI-Winnipeg MB
M346 Winnipeg MB-Chicago IL (BRC)
M347 Gary IN-Prince George BC
M348 Prince George BC-Winnipeg MB
M349 Gary IN-Prince George BC
A436 Winnipeg MB-Thunder Bay ON
A437 Thunder Bay ON-Winnipeg MB
A452 Edmonton AB-Winnipeg MB
A453 Winnipeg MB-Edmonton AB

Q101 Toronto ON-Vancouver BC
Q102 Vancouver BC-Toronto ON
Q103 Toronto ON-Vancouver BC
Q104 Vancouver BC-Toronto ON
Q105 Winnipeg MB-Calgary AB
Q106 Vancouver BC-Montreal QC
Q108 Vancouver BC-Montreal QC
Q111 Toronto ON-Vancouver BC
Q112 Vancouver BC-Toronto ON
Q113 Memphis TN-Vancouver BC
Q114 Calgary AB-Toronto ON
Q115 Toronto ON-Calgary AB
Q116 Vancouver BC-Flat Rock MI
Q117 Winnipeg MB-Vancouver BC
Q118 Vancouver BC-Homewood IL
Q119 Homewood IL-Vancouver BC
Q186 Prince Rupert BC-Montreal QC
Q190 Prince Rupert BC-Toronto ON
Q193 Homewood IL-Prince Rupert BC
Q196 Prince Rupert BC-Memphis TN
Q197 Memphis TN-Prince Rupert BC
Q198 Prince Rupert BC-Homewood IL
Q199 Homewood IL-Prince Rupert BC
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Re: Prairie Region symbols

Postby gp9rm4108 » Mon Aug 20, 2018 12:33 pm

This list is extremely out of date.

Many of these trains don't exist anymore, there are many new ones and many of your origin/destinations are incorrect.
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