O&NW 2 (Baldwin AS-616) being scrapped

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Re: O&NW 2 (Baldwin AS-616) being scrapped

Postby GN 599 » Fri Feb 19, 2010 3:36 am

The infamous Fred Kepner owns it. He has stuff scattered all over the country. He has no funds to do anything with the equipment he owns. It will end up being cut up or stuffed and mounted at the Collier State Park logging museum. As a rail with m.o.w. experience myself and another engineer I work with had a proposal to move it. My ''partner'' if you will has all the equipment since he does some contract work from time to time. We were going to scrap what was left of the OC&E yard. The money from the steel would have funded the scrapping operations. We had a buyer for the good ties which would have funded buying the locomotive and getting it out of there. My partner has property with a spur on the BNSF where I could store it and tinker around with it. Unfortunately the state wouldnt go for it so its future will remain uncertain.
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