Hampton Roads/Norfolk/Newport News NE Regional Service

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Re: Hampton Roads/Norfolk/Newport News NE Regional Service

Postby Arlington » Mon Jan 01, 2018 4:57 pm

They're working on a new VRE island-platform station that ties better to both Crystal City Metro and National Airport (via a pedestrianway).

For "Pentagon" traffic from Norfolk and Newport News, a Crystal City stop would be ideal (since a lot of DOD offices and contractors are in Crystal City)

For VRE studies, Option 2, the one that can best be connected to a new entrance to the existing Crystal City Metro station, was the one selected in the study.
For CC2DCA walkway, Alternative A (requires downloading) is the one that would connect from the "outer"/southern end of VRE Option 2 directly to DCA.

I'd think this'd be a great Amtrak stop(it is also proposed as a MARC stop, assuming a new Long Bridge) but will have to wait until there's 4 tracks (a new Track 0 on the DCA side is proposed), since it is now too easy to foul the Long Bridge by stopping here.

Concept of pedestrian way from CC2DCA via GreaterGreaterWashington:
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Re: Hampton Roads/Norfolk/Newport News NE Regional Service

Postby mtuandrew » Mon Jan 01, 2018 9:58 pm

True, northbound traffic between ARL (likely station code for Arlington, VA) and NPN/NFK, RVR/RVM, FBG, and QAN might be a bigger traffic generator than through traffic from north of WAS. I like the looks of that island platform design too. Keep forgetting how close VRE Crystal City is to KDCA, and how much traffic would spring up as an intermodal station - transferring between two of the three area airports would become a snap.
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