North Carolina NCDOT-Amtrak Carolinian Service

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Re: North Carolina NCDOT-Amtrak Carolinian Service

Postby Backshophoss » Sun Jan 21, 2018 5:52 pm

That link in Mr Robert's post is "Paywalled" unless you turn off any ad blockers,ads that make it unreadable! :P :P :P
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Re: North Carolina NCDOT-Amtrak Carolinian Service

Postby atsf sp » Mon Jan 22, 2018 10:19 pm

Does anyone know why the 3 new F59CCB rebuild units have not been used yet? They were delivered in the Raleigh yard and have sat there. Seems like every train has a powered unit on both ends still.
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Re: North Carolina NCDOT-Amtrak Carolinian Service

Postby Bob Roberts » Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:48 pm

The rumor mill is buzzing that the 3rd Piedmont frequency will begin in May, but I am surprised that we have not seen any timetable information on it yet. Same rumor mill says it will be 2020 before the 4th gets running. Neither the conductor or host on the 74 last week had any information about it that they were willing to share with a foamer. FWIW I rode CLT-DNC on Thursday and RGH-CLT on Friday on the midday service. Thursday (2 coaches plus combi) was crowded and Friday (3 coaches plus combi) was jammed with people forced to sit in the lounge.

High-level platform in Raleigh (not open yet) looks quite strange in this part of the country. Is it the only one South of Richmond Main Street?

The Charlotte service yard appears to be 100% finished with the exception of the switch tieing it to the main. I believe all the necessary equipment and parts are sitting in the Tryon St yard now so hopefully installation will begin shortly. Puzzled about how they will manage crew changes for the 19 and 20 from the new crew building.
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Re: North Carolina NCDOT-Amtrak Carolinian Service

Postby Woody » Sat Feb 17, 2018 5:30 pm

Matt Johnson wrote:
Woody wrote:An interesting article, dated July 13, 2010. Looks like 90 mph was promised back then. But the current promises could vary. LOL.

the Obama era stimulus grants came with a lot of false promises. Chicago - St Louis 110 mph by 2015, North Carolina Piedmont 90 mph, Connecticut New Haven-Hartford corridor upgraded to 110 mph, just off the top of my head.

The Wolverine corridor Dearborn - Kalamazoo up to 110 mph {not yet), the Quantico new bridge and added track to shave 5 or 10 minutes off the D.C. - Richmond line (not gonna save any minutes), rebuilding the Harold Interlocking at exit from tunnel from NYP under the East River to untangle from the LIRR and save 3 minutes off every train heading toward Boston (not to be finished until 2022 or later, with no recent promise of any time savings at all). Near Albany work on trackage around the station, on signaling south of it, double-tracking west of it (if anything tangible accomplished the Governor would have had a photo op, but no), modernized catenery on part of the Speedway New Brunswick - Trenton (I have nothing to report). Guess we should add the order for 130 bi-level cars for Midwest service (need I explain).

Of course, the Stimulus projects were awarded all or most with a state match, and the specifics of the state proposals may have been ... oversold. The biggest liar state may have become the biggest winner. Srsly.

The one big project most likely to succeed in meeting deadlines was the upgrades on the Cascades line. But alas, that entry was disqualified due to the tragic outcome of the inaugural run and the resulting postponement of new service.

btw Amtrak outperformed the other grantees, rebuilding wrecks parked at Beech Grove, finishing that bridge in Connecticut, getting a big part of an enclosed maintenance facility in Seattle, etc.

The Obama-Biden-LaHood team all expected that the initial pile of money, $10 Billion or so, could get things going. Everyone figured the states would have to gear up to spend such big money. So, for example, CREATE got a couple of projects funded but more were not.

Illinois got $1.4 Billion for upgrading 75% of the St Louis-Chicago corridor while expecting about as much over later years to cover Joliet-Chicago, a new bridge over the Mississippi at the other end, and more stuff around Springfield when the money came thru.

The feds would pay for the South-of-the-Lake segment connecting Michigan's 110-mile corridor Kalamazoo-Porter, IN onward to Chicago Union Station.

Money would also come for orders to renew the Amfleets and Superlners with hundreds of new cars.

Then Obama proposed $4 Billion a year for passenger rail infrastructure in every budget he sent to Congress. We know what happened there. Any fair accounting of the record of the Obama Stimulus passenger rail effort must give full credit to his opponents for their contributions.
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