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Re: NEC Portal Bridge Thread - Operation, Replacement Etc.

Postby EuroStar » Tue Feb 26, 2019 9:20 am

As nobody as posted this yet, NJT reports that all the preliminary work awarded under a grant from the Obama administration is complete A fair quote:
Funding for this early works project was provided through a $16 million TIGER grant awarded in September 2016 to NJ TRANSIT, along with a local match contribution of $4 million provided by New Jersey’s Transportation Trust Fund (TTF).
The five elements of the project included:
- Installation of new fiber optic poles to carry fiber optic cable lines which help provide data communications and transmission services to New York City and the surrounding metropolitan area.
- Construction of a utility protection structure to protect a century-old cast iron water main that supplies water to Jersey City.
- Construction of a finger pier to support future construction activities.
- Erecting two new high voltage transmission poles which carry the high voltage (138kV) power lines that power trains along this section of the Northeast Corridor.
- Construction of a retaining wall just west of Secaucus Junction that will support the new bridge alignment.

If only our political system made sense and had found the money already, so that work could go uninterrupted.
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