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Re: Amtrak Auto Train Discussion

Postby east point » Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:45 am

David you have it correct. VIA is a 2 parallel two cable system. This is a synopsis of how. Loco 2 provides HEP to left front side of car one and loco 1 provides HEP to right front side of car one. Car one uses HEP from left front side and routes it to back right side. Car one's right side is routed to left rear of car and not used. However if no power is detected from left side front the car automatically switches to right front side HEP.
Now 2nd car does same again using its left front HEP that came from car one's right front. Note not sure if the locos are set up same way but you should get the idea. What each VIA loco can provide in HEP is unknown.

Not sure but appears on Amtrak that it uses 4 cables 2 on each side that are connected together in each car. Also at the last car the 2 on each side are looped together. How Amtrak trouble shoots any cable problem is unknown by us. Amtrak's limit is that it does not parallel two or more locos. Only the SC-44s and ACS-64s have 1000 kW capability but the auto train's P-30s may have 1000 kW. Other locos have various capacities. What each VIA loco can provide is unknown ?

It would seem if Amtrak converted all their Auto Train cars to the Via system + locos that the Auto train could pull at least 34 and probably 36 passenger cars. Not all cars would need to be converted at once but all would have to be converted before two loco supply could be in effect.
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Re: Amtrak Auto Train Discussion

Postby Gilbert B Norman » Mon Feb 05, 2018 2:20 pm

"Voyage 24" will be aboard 52 (21)

Guess what, you now get to know your space: K/5240 - well after you paid up!!!

Appears to be Forward Riding in a 3250X if the A-end is where it belongs.
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