implications of MTA's discovering failure of PTC antennas

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implications of MTA's discovering failure of PTC antennas

Postby east point » Mon Mar 04, 2019 5:32 pm

Have no idea what MTA will do as we do not have enough information yet. Was the calibration machine out of spec for all 4000+ antennas? Why was the person responsible for calibrating the antennas also the person that performed the quality control? Will each antenna need to be removed and a proper antenna replaced at same time? How soon before any antenna can be certified as correct? What happens if antenna builder goes bankrupt? Can old antennas be used or will they have to be scrapped? Who eats the extra costs?

With 2020 not that far off what happens to MNRR and AMTRAK? Will it take an act of Congress to bail the RRs out? Is this just another example of not installing ACSES that is a much simpler system that only costs a small percentage more? SEPTA went with ACSES and is 100% in service. Even AMTRAK has not finished.o
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Re: implications of MTA's discovering failure of PTC antenna

Postby DutchRailnut » Mon Mar 04, 2019 5:38 pm

Again it does not prove that any of Antenna's are bad , just that the testing procedure was faulty.
once a bunch proper tested Antenna's come in, shop forces can switch out the properly certified once and removed antenna's can go back to plant for proper testing .
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Re: implications of MTA's discovering failure of PTC antenna

Postby Tadman » Tue Mar 05, 2019 9:19 am

All of these are good questions and they illustrate perfectly why PTC is an utter fraud perpetuated by politicians for votes. The latest, by the way, has Chucklehead Schumer telling us if we only had PTC that a grade crossing incident would've been prevented.

Anyway, by definition, a positive system (the P in PTC) would automatically revert to the most restrictive permission if it has a failure of any sort, including connection to the base computer. Are they? How was this problem found? This is another fudge in a sea of fudge on this project.

Also, this: "[Siemens] acknowledged at the meeting the mistake was a result of the vendors not following procedure and allowing the same employee who was responsible for preparing the antennas for use also to test them — making for a “single point of failure.”" ... 1.27749548

How do you allow for a single point of failure on a project like this? That's a pretty basic mistake.
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