Amtrak Milwaukee Airport Getting a Second Platform

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Re: Amtrak Milwaukee Airport Getting a Second Platform

Postby mkerfe » Wed Mar 13, 2019 9:53 pm

Not positive about the next northbound signal. The next, current, interlocking is KK Bridge which is 5ish miles.
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Re: Amtrak Milwaukee Airport Getting a Second Platform

Postby bratkinson » Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:46 am

I suspect that one of the Amtrak safety rules states that at low level platforms, Amtrak staff must be at each open door to assist passengers. Amtrak even does that at the brand new high level platforms on the New Haven-Springfield corridor...2 conductors...2 doors open. They do 3 doors at Hartford, but two of those are adjacent to each other.

Think about the necessity to help little old ladies or passengers with disabilities up and down those very steep stairs. Consider the possibilities of ice and snow both in the vestibule, on the steps, and on the platform. Somebody slip and fall at an unattended open door and stair and it's time to call in the lawyers! Also, keeping track of how many passengers are expected to be on or off and verifying those numbers is far easier when there's somebody counting at door.
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Re: Amtrak Milwaukee Airport Getting a Second Platform

Postby ryanch » Fri Mar 15, 2019 10:36 pm

>It's borderline unsafe

If lawyers and accountants haven't determined that it's unsafe, it isn't unsafe. They err the other way.
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Re: Amtrak Milwaukee Airport Getting a Second Platform

Postby EricL » Sat Mar 16, 2019 12:05 am

Comments from someone who works this line five days a week.

An extra crossover between KK Bridge and Lake would be nice, but it probably isn't necessary, and would cost a lot more. What might be worth the money is to upgrade KK from a one-way crossover to a universal one, and to upgrade the signalling between Lake and Milwaukee. There'd be a small bit of realignment involved for the yard lead, but nothing close to the cost of brand new crossovers.

Trains in either direction don't run at restricted speed to the next signal. General Code rule provides that, within CTC territory, you can go whatever speed you like, up to MAS, provided that you are "prepared to stop" at the next signal.

I'm all for the operational flexibility that the new platform would provide. The freight bottleneck in this area is very real, especially during certain times of day.
I worry about pax delays that will happen once we start using track 2. Announcements and signage or no - people don't pay any attention. There will be big dwell time delays, at least until a normal usage pattern is established. I suppose that's the same case to be expected anywhere in this sort of situation.
Only real trouble with this is for the eastbounds. Once you're five or so minutes late, Metra no longer cares about your excuses. They have trains to run too and they will run them first.

Regarding platform height/doors - trust me, we all would LOVE to have commuter/NEC-style trainline doors on this service. I think it's far overdue - to the point where we actively complained to WisDot when we found out that the new Siemens single levels might potentially have the same old trap-door boarding style. (Not sure where they're at on remediation - I saw that PowerPoint and the minutes document on the other thread, but I'm still not really convinced about anything)

We're not trying to screw around. We want to move. Our service is under far more pressure to move than is any other service out of Chicago, long or short. People depend on us every day and we understand that. We bust our asses out here with what we have.
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