New Amtrak route through Sacramento CA?

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New Amtrak route through Sacramento CA?

Postby lpetrich » Wed Jan 02, 2019 2:17 am

Grant will allow for new Amtrak stop in Midtown Sacramento
One at 19th and Q in addition to the one at 4th and I. The track there is not currently used by the San Joaquins, and that station is a block north of the light-rail overpass, an overpass halfway between 16th and 23th St. stations.

Amtrak Station Planned For Midtown « CBS Sacramento has a list of possible stations. From that one and the video in the previous link, I find, from north to south:
  • Natomas / Sac Airport
  • North Sac
  • Midtown Sac
  • Sac City College
  • Elk Grove
  • Lodi
I checked on OpenRailwayMap, and this proposed station is on the western of the two Sac - Stockton lines. City College is also on the west one, but Elk Grove and Lodi are on the east one, the one that the San Joaquins currently use.

Looking northward, there is one active line, and while a North Sacramento station is possible, a Natomas or Airport one is not -- too far away. However, the airport is at a proposed extension of the Sac light-rail system.

I've also seen mention of the Altamont Commuter Express going out to this proposed station, meaning that it would be extended northward from Stockton.
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