Amtrak and Asset Tracking

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Amtrak and Asset Tracking

Postby WesternNation » Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:46 pm

I was in a business presentation earlier today, going over how to create and use LinkedIn correctly. During the actual "work" segment of the workshop, I came across an advertisement for Verizon Connect, which provides asset-tracking software to companies that allows service companies to keep track of their assets. I was wondering if Amtrak used such a system. I know that freight railroads use something similar, I believe using some sort of RFID technology, but I've never seen that equipment used for Amtrak.

I know that Amtrak currently uses some sort of GPS to track their trains (that's why we have TransitDocs), but I feel that management can take it a step further. Asset-tracking software can do more than just tell you where an asset is. It can also tell you how that asset is functioning. Airlines use a version of this already, with onboard computers keeping maintenance staff up-to-date on the condition of the aircraft's systems as well as its airspeed, heading, altitude, etc. Apply this same system to Amtrak, and the maintenance staff is instantly notified of malfunctioning engines or cars, each with a unique identifier that would not only identify exactly which car but could potentially pull up the service history of said car to investigate whether or not the car has had the issue frequently or potentially previous work that contributed to or even caused the failure.

Granted, it is a little late for Amtrak to be installing anything like this into the current fleet, but it is something that Amtrak could benefit from if the investment is made (if it hasn't been made already).
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