End of the Full Dome (Ocean View)

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Re: End of the Full Dome (Ocean View)

Postby Backshophoss » Wed Nov 07, 2018 10:11 pm

There might be a couple of "regular" Dome cars that could be saved(salvaged) from the "great stainless steel graveyard" at Granite City IL.
Then brought back up to current Amtrak pvt cars specs,and kept a safe place between runs on the Downeaster or Adirondack,
with proper sponsorship by the State tourist depts,with some pvt sponsors as well.
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Re: End of the Full Dome (Ocean View)

Postby XC Tower » Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:04 am

Thank you, Backshophoss, for the information on locating a couple of dome cars for both the Downeaster and or Adirondack.
While having not rode on the Downeaster, I honestly feel that the view from a dome car adds so much to enjoying the beauty of a the route, as has been the case on the Adirondack. So much so, it could be in this day, marketed to bring tourists to a beautiful area. Upstate New York with the Adirondacks and views of Lake Champlain is stunning. Even the name of Lake Placid is a draw. The folks in the region could surely use the revenue. I am going to find an address to write someone in authority within New York State to express my opinions on this. When doing so, I will share their address (Hopefully, this is permitted on this forum)
I try to be an understated man,not bringing attention to what I have done or myself in any way, but please do allow me to say that my first rides aboard Amtrak in the America's west featured dome cars on the trains, resulting in an appreciation of the land that no other ride could. Aside from the Adirondack, in the East, I did experience the vista's aboard the Capitol Limited in a dome car.
In Canada, I have gone both west and east aboard trains with dome cars on them with the same effect. Simply put, riding in a dome car adds so much to the overall effect of riding the train as a true step out of the ordinary in life. There is no ride quite like it on one in my opinion.
I am just one person, but added to others, if reaching the right person or people, I believe that my voice can make a difference.

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