Hot and cold on the Lake Shore

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Hot and cold on the Lake Shore

Postby dumpster.penguin » Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:04 pm

On a recent winter jaunt on the eastbound Lake Shore Ltd, I observed that a certain coach was quite warm, and later chanced to overhear the conductor reporting a "hot car" condition before arriving at Rensselaer. My own car had held steady at probably 70 on the dot (I was in a Viewliner), but nonetheless I was pleased at the conductor's interest in the other passengers' comfort. Otherwise they would soon be fully poached. It was about 10 degrees outside and everyone was equipped with winter gear, not sauna suits.

As we left Rensselaer an hour later after splicing and regrouping, something unexpected began to happen. The formerly comfortable Viewliner got colder and colder until it leveled out at about 55. The air vents brought a cold blast. Better 55 than 85, of course (I did not become aware of any complaints, so I suppose my fellow first-class passengers were of like mind), but all the same, quite curious.

Did the repair squad in Albany count from the wrong end of the train and adjust an unsuspecting car? Or did something else probably go awry with the Viewliner coincidentally?
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Re: Hot and cold on the Lake Shore

Postby Railjunkie » Fri Dec 29, 2017 9:55 am

The conductor normally will say the B&A sleeper NY Sleepers or give the coach number on which side of the train. Normally they won't work on cars till after the split. Only one mech crew in the station. If your sleeper started acting up it may have been the HVAC. The cold weather has been reeking havoc on train sets. Almost every through train has had a hot car cold car frozen doors.
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Re: Hot and cold on the Lake Shore

Postby BAR » Sun Dec 31, 2017 1:16 pm

This post resurrects a memory of an unpleasant trip from Grand Central Terminal to Indiana one January way back when. Upon departing GCT a well dressed dowager soon began fussing and complained to the conductor that, although it felt just fine to me, the coach was much too hot. He took care of the matter immediately and the temperature began to go down. The woman detrained at one of the first stops out of GCT while the temperature in the coach continued to spiral downward until it was noticeably cold. The conductor could never get the heat back up and so the remaining passengers froze, at least until Indiana when I got off, and no doubt all the way to Chicago, but at least the complaining passenger was comfortable during her short trip.

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