Cascade Wreck 18 December 17

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Re: Cascade Wreck 18 December 17

Postby STrRedWolf » Sun Feb 04, 2018 12:18 pm

Trains Mag did a 2-page spread with three stories on the Cascade 501 Wreck:

  • A basic story with what we already know: Train going 78 in a 30 when it derailed, 3 dead out of the 78 passengers, NTSB investigating and reminded folks PTC would of prevented this.
  • A highlight story on the Siemens Charger that was involved in the crash.
  • A highlight story that doesn't dig too deep into the training and qualification of engineers. In other words, background piece.

Given the lead time on print... it may of been too early for them to really investigate.
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