Wolverine - Blue Water Scheduling

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Wolverine - Blue Water Scheduling

Postby Tadman » Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:22 am

I take the Wolverine Chicago-Detroit on business about once every month or two. In looking at the timetable, I notice the Blue Water operates a frequency that's a bit close to the Wolverine, especially westbound (1 hour diff). I haven't seen the ridership figures, but I would assume a few things from observation: (1) traffic drops off on both trains going east, especially in the summer; (2) ridership east of Battle Creek on Blue Water is pretty light and usually involves MSU students.

Given the above, it strikes me that it would make more sense to make 364/5 a Detroit train and run a 2-3 car shuttle from Battle Creek to Port Huron using one locomotive, 2-3 coaches, and a cab car or NPCU. The advantages here:

1. You now have four Detroit frequencies, making a more useful corridor.
2. No need for ITCS on CN, so you could use any power
3. You could now have two Port Huron frequencies, as the shuttle set would otherwise sit in Battle Creek all day
4. Battle Creek is a crew base anyway, so less human logistics than if the junction point were in middle of nowhere.
5. Having the through-train on Amtrak-owned rails all the way to Detroit means less chance for freight delay. Give the shuttle train a 30 minute cushion to meet the connecting Detroit train so as not to delay the Detroit train if CN is behind schedule.
6. Given the 3ish hour ride, no need for cafe, business, baggage, etc... just a set a high-density coaches.

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Re: Wolverine - Blue Water Scheduling

Postby Arlington » Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:41 am

I think the mods should fold Tadman's question, above, into the general Amtrak Michigan thread
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