one week on one off?

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Re: one week on one off?

Postby AgentSkelly » Tue Mar 21, 2017 7:42 am

Gilbert B Norman wrote:Mr. Skelly, funny how the first time I flew overseas was 1971, on TWA and there was a Purser (two previous trips were "on the boat").

Nowadays I think all US airlines assign Purser duties to the First Attendant. Since that involves answering for any unreasonable shortages, it is my understanding that Attendants more Senior will avoid that position because whatever additional it pays is not worth being held accountable for something you are not directly responsible.

You must of flown before September of that year; my understanding that is when the first trained DCS crews started after training. I'm only aware of it because my grandfather would sometimes have the DCS person make a hotel reservation for him from the air; they had the ability to use an air-to-ground radio to make reservations.

But yes, the purser functions are now under the Cabin Manager aka the lead attendant.
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