City of New Orleans CoNO Extension/Sunset Limited (East)

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Re: City of New Orleans CoNO Extension/Sunset Limited (East)

Postby mtuandrew » Sun Sep 24, 2017 4:00 pm

I'd be fine with temporarily extending the City of New Orleans to Florida, but it isn't a permanent solution to either the Gulf Coast Sunset East problem or the CHI-Florida train problem. Like Tad says, it's currently a one-railroad one-overnight train that works well, and adding a second carrier will probably make timekeeping suffer. I'd rather see a standalone San Antonio (or Fort Worth) - Orlando or New Orleans - Miami train along the coast, both of which would be comfortably over the LD limit of 750 miles, and a Chicago - Florida train that passes through the Appalachians or its foothills.

If I thought they could all work well together, I'd suggest CHI - (CN) - MEM - (BNSF) - BHM - (NS) - JAX - (FEC) - MIA in lieu of CHI - (CSX) - MIA.
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